Starting tomorrow, we will have a chance to have an amazing adventure in Elite Dangerous absolutely for free thanks to the Epic Games Store!

What is Elite Dangerous?

Elite Dangerous is a representative of MMO games taking place in outer space. We get a completely open world in which there are practically no limits and we can do whatever we want. We can travel the galaxy alone or with friends, as well as form clans and manage a fleet of ships together.

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What can we do at Elite Dangerous?

There are no restrictions here. We start with a weak ship and a few credits. It depends on us how our adventure will go and what we will do to achieve intergalactic success. There are tons of activities available:

  • Exploration
  • Trade
  • Discovering planet from orbi and from the planet’s surface
  • Battles and wars
  • Crafting and modifying equimpent
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Kiedy i jak odebrać Elite Dangerous?

The game will be available from tomorrow (November 19, 2020) on the Epic Games Store. Just add the game to your library to get it forever.

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