Another game that is completely free is The Extorcist. A combination of typing and missile avoidance.

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What is the Textorcis?

You could say that Epic surprised us a bit with this choice because we had never heard of the game before. This is quite a big achievement because there aren’t many games that escape our attention. But let’s get back to the topic and focus on the game itself. As the creators of The Textorcist claim, it is a combination of typing and bullet hell, i.e. avoiding bullets. It sounds quite eccentric, and it is.

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What is this game about?

The game by Headup GMbH tells the story of the adventures of a private exorcist – Ray Bibii. Fighting other enemies, he performs exorcisms and to make it possible, we as players have to type them on the keyboard. So it is essential to learn these words to play effectively and let Ray survive the bouts of evil.

Coś więcej o miejscu akcji?

The action takes place in Rome and all this during the biblical apocalypse when we have to fight off the hosts of hell. The city and the game itself are created in a classic pixel version, which means that the screen is always colorful and there is always a lot going on.

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You can add the game to your library for free until November 19.

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