It cannot be denied that the nearest future will be full of big premieres. The first is Watch Dogs Legion, but you cannot forget about Assassins Creed: Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077.

What do we know about the premiere of Watch Dogs Legion?

Ubisoft has announced that the premiere will take place at midnight local time in the respective time zone. So it will be that on October 29, regardless of the city in which you will turn on Watch Dogs Legion, you must have 00:00 on the watch. Of course, this leads to the game starting at different times in different time zones due to the hourly differences. The graphic below explains everything.

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Will it be possible to download Watch Dogs Legion faster?

Ubisoft decided to let us download their hit earlier. The game will be available on October 26 at 4pm CET on Uplay and Epic Games Store. Of course, this option is available to people who have ordered the digital version.

What size will the game be?

In the case of installation from a disc, put the game in the drive, we will be asked to download an additional patch in the size of 6.19 GB. When downloading the digital version, we can expect 40.4 GB. The game will have a total size of 45 GB and an additional 20 GB for HD textures.

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